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Lunch menu at 28 euros (main course and dessert):
Every week, Le Stammtisch offers you a lunchtime menu on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, carefully prepared with fresh produce.. Dinner is no exception, with a full menu available every evening from Wednesday to Sunday.

* price per person

The entrees

  • Asparagus and foie gras casserole 26 €

    Cassolette of asparagus, duck foie gras and crusted morels

  • Asparagus & trout salad 21 €

    Asparagus salad with lovage and home-smoked fario trout

  • Frog legs 24 €

    Pan-fried frogs' legs as my grandmother used to make them

  • Octopus carpaccio 25 €

    Octopus carpaccio with artichokes & citrus fruit

  • Quail salad 20€

    Roast quail and white mushroom salad

The dishes

The catch of the day, according to availability and the Chef’s mood.

  • Perch fillets 29 €

    Fillets of Saulnois perch in parsley sauce, mashed potatoes, white wine sauce

  • Crab tempura 31 €

    Tempura of soft crab, fragrant Poulao rice, virgin sauce

  • Veal sweetbreads and fools leave it there 35€

    Sweetbread crust with morel mushrooms and asparagus, Kässknepfle

  • Prime Rib 39€*

    Matured prime rib, confit vegetables, fresh French fries and Béarnaise sauce for 2 people

  • Shoulder of lamb 31€

    Milk-fed lamb shoulder with lemon, preserved vegetables, fine semolina with almonds

* price per person

Piece of beef
We offer you a selection of Charolais Beef from Alsace, raised with Love, Passion and Respect, then matured according to the Rules of the Art.

All our cuts of beef are accompanied by large fresh French fries, green salad and Béarnaise sauce.
You can also consult a selection of beef cuts on our slate.


  • Biersky Baba 9 €

    Biersky Baba with whipped cream

  • Strawberry and rhubarb soup 9 €

    Strawberry and rhubarb soup, bibelesskäss sorbet

  • Pineapple flambé 9 €

    Pineapple flambéed with rum, Bourbon vanilla ice cream of the day

  • Selection of mature cheeses 9 €